Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New World of Family History Research

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog Genealogy though Google Earth. I have been using Google Earth for my Genealogy from the beginning, and teaching a Google Earth for Genealogy Classes up in St Joseph MO for the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society for a few years now. Just recently I was asked to present at the GenealogyKC Conference this spring and between the two thought I should start a blog dedicated to Google Earth and Genealogy.

My plan is start out describing how I use Google Earth in my family history and then move towards sharing more advanced features. All that being said it is going to take some time to write each post, in the mean while I still plan on writing on my original blog.  I all ready have some posts Google Earth related over at my other blog Genealogy by Eric and below are links to the individual posts.

You can get a head start by downloading Google Earth at  So stay tuned as I help you explore the world of your ancestors with Google Earth.


  1. Eric,

    Will look forward to your insights: I have been using Google Earth to study local history in West Virginia for several years and have found it invaluable. I bundled up some of my mapping tools for plat of survey plotting to help visualize land ownership over time- you may find it useful:

    Would welcome your feedback, and look forward to your Blog,,


    1. Jason I like it. I will be adding it to my favorites list. Thank you very much for sharing.